Penis enlargement can be difficult to grasp. With so many penis enlargement products on the market today, you really need some help in order to pick the ones that will work for you.

Read this FAQ on penis enhancement products to get your questions answered …

Penis Enlargement Pills FAQs

FAQ 1 : What are penis enlargement pills (or penis enhancement pills as they are sometimes called)?

Penis enlargement pills are herbal supplements, much like your regular vitamins, except that they have a sexual function to it. These pills are usually made of herbal aphrodisiac ingredients that are proven to improve a man’s libido and prowess in bed. Penis enhancement pills can strengthen your erection and give you better sex stamina. In addition, you will also benefit from better sexual health and increased orgasm intensity

FAQ 2 : Do penis enlargement pills work?

Glad you asked. Depending on what you are expecting to gain, penis pills do work. Penis enhancement pills can give you harder erections, higher libido, more intense orgasms etc. If you are looking for these, then yes, penis pills do work.

But if you are looking to get a bigger penis by taking penis pills alone, then the answer is no. Penis pills can’t do that for, not by themselves, anyway. However, if you combine penis pills with an enlargement device or exercises, then you will get some great results. So, penis pills assist and speed up the enlargement process just like protein supplements speed up a body builder’s results.

FAQ 3 : How do penis pills give you harder erections, etc?

The herbal ingredients in penis pills (the good ones that is) are proven to increase blood flow to the penis and other male sexual organs. Because of this, the erectile tissues in the penis, called the corpora cavernosa, then expand and make the penis harder and bigger. In addition, these herbal ingredients nourish the sexual system, including the male prostate, ensuring higher libido, more sperm and longer lasting erections.

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Penis Enlargement devices FAQs

FAQ 1 : How does a penis traction device work?

Penis traction devices work on the principle of traction. This principle is the basis on which traditional orthopaedic surgery is based.

FAQ 2 : What is the principle of traction?

Simply put, this principle states that when a constant pulling force (traction force) is applied to an area of the human anatomy, the underlying tissue cells will expand and multiply, ie grow. This will result in the enlargement and lengthening of body parts.

FAQ 2 : What is the penis made of ? Can the principal of traction work here?

Glad you asked. Your penis is not made of bone, no! It is made up of elastic, erectile tissues. Although it is not a bone, it can still respond to a traction force and will respond and grow even faster than bones.

FAQ 3 : Are the results permanent?

Yes, when you use a penis traction device for long periods of time, the penile tissues grow and once that happened, it cannot be reversed. So enlargement is considered permanent.

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Penis Enlargement Patches FAQs

FAQ 1 : What is a penis patch ?

Penis enlargement patches (or simply a penis patch) is just like a weight loss or stop smoking patch. It is a little “plaster” you can paste on your body as a way to improve your overall sexual functions.

FAQ 2 : How does the patch work?

The penis enhancement patch contains herbal aphrodisiac ingredients which are passed on to your bloodstream through the skin. This delivery method is called transdermal delivery. Patches act faster than pills since pills must be digested before it enters the bloodstream.

Thus the patch works like pill in that the ingredients eventually enters the bloodstream and encourages better blood flow among other things. This will result in bigger, harder erections and better libido, etc.

FAQ 3 : Are there any negative side effects?

No, as the herbal ingredients used in penis patches are non-prescription supplements. However, you need to ensure that the ingredients used are approved by the FDA as some herbs can cause problems for your health.

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Sperm & Semen Enhancer Pills FAQs

FAQ 1 : What are semen enhancer pills (or sperm enhancement pills as they are sometimes called)?

Semen enhancer pills are herbal supplements that typically increases semen and sperm production in adult males. They also increase your erection strength and libido. However, they are not prescription drugs (like Viagra) but are herbal supplements that don’t need a doctor’s approval for consumption.

FAQ 2 : Do semen enhancer pills work?

Yes, herbal semen enhancer pills worked because of its potent aphrodisiac ingredients. These ingredients are usually herbs long used by Chinese physicians to combat erection weakness, low sperm volume and count, low libido in men. Now the herbs are specially blended into a convenient pill for you to pop into your mouth.

FAQ 3 : How do semen enhancers work?

The herbal ingredients in semen pills (the good ones that is) are proven to :-

  • nourish the male sexual organs for better overall sexual functions
  • improve blood flow to the penis for harder erections
  • increase production of the male hormone testosterone for better semen and sperm production
  • ensure a healthy prostate

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