how penis exercises work

how penis exercises work

Penis enlargement exercises? Do you mean pulling and stretching the penis? Can such exercises enlarge the penis? Apparently, yes.

Penis enlargement exercises, curiously known as Jelqing, is a technique for increasing your penile girth and length. You can do these exercises any time you want without any gadget or pills…or resorting to risky surgery.

But what are these exercises like? Are they like masturbation? Not realy but read on for more details…

What are natural penis enlargement exercises – or Jelqing ?

Penis enlargement exercises are termed “jelqing” for whatever reasons. Its funny name notwithstanding, penis jelging exercises are very popular with men who want a bigger penis but don’t want to risk surgery or take pills or use a stretching device.

A late ’70s study by England’s Dr. Brian Richards showed that jelqing penis exercises proved effective in 87% of the cases studied. It showed that length increased up to 1.4 inches and girth increased up to one inch.

How does penis exercises (Jelqing) work ?

Jelqing is based on the principle of traction that is used in orthopedic surgery. It is not as sophisticated as surgery or even a stretching device but the underlying principle is that the penile tissues are stretched by using the hand.

In doing the exercises, take care and attempt it without proper guide.

The techniques involved first warming up the penis with a warm towel so that blood can begin to flow to the penis head. Then, a series of strokes are executed to “pump blood” into the penis and stretch the tissues within.

Techniques included fancy names like “the squeese”, “the jelq”, etc.

How long will it take to see results?

If you do these penis exercises properly, you can see real gains within a few weeks. How much gains will depend on how well and how long you do. It is a tedious and boring routine that can last 30 mins each session. So it is not for everyone, really.

How much does it cost ?

You can get some free exercises from sites on the internet but these are usually not up to the standard you expect. If you are really serious, you would need to investment about $40 to $50 for membership to good, exclusive sites like Penis-Health.

What about side effects ?

The negative side effects can be painful if you do it wrongly. You can injure the penile tissue if you overdo it because it is hard to gauge the force of the hand. However, if you follow the instructions from a reputable Jelqing website, you should be ok.

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