how penis patches work

how penis patches work

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Penis enlargement patches, do they work? You must have heard all about the hype about penis pills but penis patches? Bet you are not so clear as to how they work. That’s why you are here, right?

If you have used or at least know about anti-smoking patches, you already know how a patch works. A penis enlargement patch works the same way, except that it is for male enhancement and not to curb smoking.

How do penis enlargement patches work?

Penis enlargement patches (like ProEnhance Patch on your right) works on the principle of transdermal delivery. What is this? This simply means that the ingredients in the patch enters the bloodstream directly through the skin. This method of delivery is in contrast to pills where the ingredients must first through the digestive system.

Thus penis patches work faster than pills.

Penis patches can benefit you in several ways :-

  • improvement in overall sexual health
  • improvement in blood circulation to and from the penis so that erections are harder and stronger
  • increase the ejaculate amount
  • more intense orgasms
  • higher male libido and sex drive

Penis enhancement patches are good for overall sexual health, including a better prostate, because of the herbal ingredients in them. Penis patches can help harden erections and make your penis seem larger in an erect state. This is a temporary enlargement because more blood is being pumped into the penis tissues, thus causing it to expand temporarily.

What about permanent enlargement? Can a penis patch increase the flaccid length of your penis? Probably not, at least not when you use the patch by itself without any other enlarging methods.

However, when you combine penis patches with enlargement exercises or a penis traction device, you can get a permanently bigger penis in a much faster time frame. The reason is that penis enlargement patches help speed up the enlargement process – just like protein supplements help speed up a body builder’s progress.

Put in another way, penis enlargement patches work PROVIDED you use them with enlarging exercises or an enlargement device.

If you are looking for a good penis enlargement patch, you must ensure that it comes with penis enlargement exercises. Other than that, you need to make sure that the patches are made of ony FDA approved ingredients as some unscrupulous vendors used inferior, dangerous ingredients not approved by the FDA.

Lastly, make sure you get a good, money back guarantees in case something goes wrong and you want your money back.

But with so many penis patches on the market, which is the one you should choose? If you need help, Read this penis patch review of 3 top penis enlargement patches and then decide which one to go for….