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A Quick Summary

Volume Pill contains a special blend of powerful herbal ingredients that are great for libido, semen and sperm production and even prostate health. Its new formula is even more potent and works better too.

If your erections are weak and don't last very long, then you may need this pill. If you want bigger loads when ejaculating, then this pill is a must have.

Volume pill is definitely worth a buy since it comes with a 6 month money back guarantee plus some erotic adult free gifts for ordering. Try it and see for yourself how powerful it is. After all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here's an interesting testimonial from a Volume Pill user :-

Volume Pills [now called VolumePills™ Plus]

volume  pills

Rating : *****
Free bonuses: yes
Guarantee : 6 months
Shipping : free
Packaging : plain, discreet

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Highly Recommended semen pill

You must have heard about how Volume Pills can supposedly "turbo charge" your semen and sperm production and put you in the league of male porn stars.

But is this just hype and no substance?

What is Volume Pill and how does it actually work? These are important and valid questions that we will answer in this special review so read on...

What are Volume Pills?

Volume Pills are the original sperm-producing & erection enhancing herbal pills to hit the male sexual enhancement market on the web.

Consisting of a proprietary mix of high quality, FDA-approved, herbal ingredients, this pill can boost sexual functions in adult men and are absolutely safe to consume.

VolumePill is endorsed by medical doctors, so it seems it is legitimate enough for you to trust. It surely does not look like a scam product at all. But more details later...

[ Note that Volume Pill has been upgraded to VolumePills™ Plus - with a more potent male enhancement formula]

Here's how Volume Pill (Volume Pills™ Plus ) works :-

    it increases the amount of semen and sperm you produce by naturally increasing the level of testosterone in your body.
    it increases the blood flow to your penis, by opening up vital capillaries. This allows more blood to enter your penis and giving you stronger, longer, rock hard erections.
    it nourishes your "sexual system" with its powerful herbal ingredients. This include a healthy prostate

How to get the best results from your Volume Pills?
  1. Bigger semen and sperm volume

    The ingredients in Volume Pills are powerful male aphrodisiacs that will help increase your semen and sperm production. You can get the best results if you remember to:

    • take 2 tablets daily with lots of water to cool your body down. Water is very important for volume, for obvious reasons.
    • lead a healthy liftstyle and cut down smoking and alcohol
  2. More powerful ejaculations

    In order to have more powerful orgasms, you need to strengthen your PC muscles (the same muscles you use to control your urine). You can do the following:

    • Tense and hold the PC muscle for a few seconds and then release it
    • Tense and hold for a longer period
    • Repeat the exercises for 5 mins daily until you are very good at controlling the PC.

    This will help you shoot further and even last longer during sex

  3. Harder erections

    • eat sensibly, cutting down on fatty foods that may restrict blood flow in the arteries
    • exercise regularly and keep fit
    • take the pills as instructed faithfully

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If you need more help, please send an email to :

vpsecrets @ swellmale.com (without the spaces of course)

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Here's how you can benefit from Volume Pill(Volume Pills™ Plus ) :

    enjoy better sex with rock hard erections on demand
    experience mindblowing orgasms and ejaculations with your increased semen & sperm output
    turbo charge your sex drive with newly increased testosterone levels
    avoid male-related sexual health problems due to a poor prostate

Volume Pill also comes with :-

    MensForte Membership (worth $29.95 per month) ....
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How credible and trustworthy is Volume Pill ? :-

Clearly, Volume Pill is a very credible and effective semen and sperm enhancement product you can trust and use...

Here are some signed testimonials from past users of Volume pills :-

What if you don't like the results after using Volume Pills?

1) Be assured that Volume pills are made only of FDA approved ingredients. This means you can consume them without worrying about any negative side effects .

2) Consuming the pills are beneficial to your overall sexual health as well.

3) If you don't like the results after consuming the pills (highly unlikely), you can ask for a refund within 6 months. This is one of the best guarantees around and there is virtually no risks for you to try the pills.

Conclusions and recommendations on Volume Pills

To summarise, Volume Pills is an excellent semen and sperm volume enhancment pill that really works. We have found that the hype about Volume Pills is a justiable one because this pill really has the goods to deliver, unlike other inferior brands.

Still, before you buy this product, you should also be aware of its cons or negative points.

Here are some pros & cons of taking Volume Pills that you should be aware of

Pros or advantages of buying and taking Volume Pills

    buy volume pills You will get rock hard erections on demand

    buy volume pills Increased ejaculation volume and shooting power

    buy volume pills More powerful, mindblowing, earth-shattering orgasms

    buy volume pills Increased libido

    buy volume pills Healthy prostate for optimal sexual functions

    buy volume pills Improved virility

    buy volume pills Enjoy a risk-free, 100% money back guarantee and good customer support

Con or disadvantages of using Volume Pills

    buy   Volume Pills    You may experience some mild side effects like a headache or sore throat when taking the pills. Luckily, these will go away when your body gets used to the pills.

    buy  Volume Pills    You will need to take this like a health supplement for it to work. This means you cannot simply take it for a month and forget about it.

    buy  Volume Pills    The price is not exactly cheap but then you get what you pay for.

Clearly from the above, there are indeed some negatives about this product you should be aware of. But overall, this product is still an excellent value for your money.

As for the price, it may be a good idea to order the bigger packages and enjoy huge price discounts now. Think about it this way - you will need to take the pills for a few months in order to see optimal results anyway, so why not get more now and save? (See "Savings Tip" below)

Savings Tip

Buy the 12 month supply package and pay only $29 per box instead of the usual $65 per box ...

volume  pills
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Step by step instructions

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  • A pop-up window will appear and you will be offered a FREE box of Volume Pills
  • Choose to stay on the page and proceed to get your FREE box

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To your success and happiness,

Gary T

PS : Volume Pill is a very powerful supplement for you if you use it according to the directions. Don't hesitate if you really want to turbo charge your semen/sperm volume and more.
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